January 24, 2012

God sees you good!

People who look for faults and mistakes will always find one - after all, ul find what you look for. And that's an everyday phenomenon. But guess what, when Father God looks at you, HE is not looking for faults, when You receive Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior, He looks for JESUS in You. So some people may look for your mistakes in every minute detail, but guess what, Father God Himself which is above them and more superior than anyone looks at You in Jesus Christ! And when You have Jesus, He sees you favored, He sees you blessed, He sees you clean, He sees you forever loved. And no matter what situation will arise, He will take care of You. His blessings and provisions - always upon and in You. So dont mind what the world thinks about you, think of what God Himself thinks of You. And if God is by your side, who dares to go against you?


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