January 30, 2012

Walking around BGC - BHS Central to Singapore Republic

I still had shift last Friday but decided to meet up with a friend from Davao and toured him around BGC. It wasnt his first time here but then again, there's more to Bonifacio Global City than the usual Market Market, Serendra, or Bonifacio Highstreet - where most visitors go. So we attempted to look for more, but sad to say we only had so little time.

We met up @ Bonifacio Highstreet and from there visited BHS Central. Some sort of an expansion or extension of Bonifacio Highstreet, BHS Central is a landscaped area - twice the width of the current Bonifacio Highstreet, with gardens and an interactive water plaza and amphitheater as its centerpiece.

The area also gives a stunning view of some parts of BGC's skyline. Unlike some business districts, here you can literally experience an expansive view of the city.

After BHS Central, we went to Singapore Food Republic which is located at Commercenter @ 4th Avenue corner 31st Street. If you aint familiar with the streets in BGC, then just look for the Ferrari Showroom and St Lukes Medical Center. It's a cozy restaurant with friendly crews, not to mention the friendliest restaurant owner I've ever met thus far in my lifetime (to the point na sinubuan nya pa ako just to teach me how to taste their food differently with this shrimp paste he brought from Singapore).

They have Singaporean Laksa and Iced Bandung - but err we didnt order that huhu. With its ambiance, food choices, and good service - the price is a-ok.

 It's a loft type restaurant so if you want to have that feel of being in Singapore, just go to the second level and there they have a panoramic view of Singapore's skyline.

Commercenter - where Singapore Republic is located, is also home to other good cafes and restos such as Chatime (for milktea lovers), Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge (a good place to chill), and more.

We needed to burn those extra calories we consumed hahaha so we walked from Commercenter to Burgos Circle. I personally love hanging out in Burgos Circle especially during afternoons when there's lesser crowd and lesser people walking their dogs around the circle ehehe. But since it's nighttime, people were starting to arrive and luxury cars were starting to line up (by the way, if u love cars - then try visiting the circle every Sunday morning, there you'll see some luxurious cars being parked around Burgos).

From Burgos we went to Fort Strip. On our way to the strip, one can notice the soon to open Mind Museum. Located in the former JY Campos Park, it's something worth waiting and it's the first of its kind in the country. It had its soft launching last month but formal launching and opening to the public would be this coming March 2012. According to their corporate site - it will have five galleries which will feature the following - story of the univeres, story of earth, story of life, and story of technology. Built with the help of more than 50 scientists and designers, Mind Museum will rise in a 1.2 hectare lot @ the heart of BGC with 7,595 sqm as its floor area.

We headed back to Bonifacio Highstreet and went to Market Market where he left his things. Claimed it from the baggage counter and went to The Fort Bus terminal. It was around 8:30pm when we called it a night, well for Caloy coz as far as I am concerned, my day just started. :) ehehehe. :)


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