January 29, 2012

After 8 years!

Before the end of 2011, I've been trying to figure out which name would best fit my new blog. But then, each name would limit me to what i can talk or share about. This isnt my first blog, just one of the blogs that Im currently handling but each blog is specific, neodavao talks about - well, u guess it right, ehehe Davao, labreza talks about one of the projects I used to handle which is labreza tower in qc, and other blogs that would take time to mention.

So January 2012 came and Ive decided to create a blog under my own nickname which I've been using for more than 10 years now, tjbrewed. Genius noh? hahahah after brainstorming and researching, tjbrewed lang din pala ang bagsak. haha. So i clicked the "new blog" button and to my surprise....oooops, discovered that someone already owned that blog. Frustrated that someone's using my nick,  i visited the blog and was amazed that it was me all along. In December of 2004, i had posted my first entry. Well, i deleted some parts of that post now and retained the meat of the first post (I was younger then and sad to say the first post was able to disclose the company's profile and account/project I was handling that time which I believe is inappropriate to mention now). So to give you an overview of that post - it talked about how I landed here in Metro Manila in 2004, what my first company was, what my client or project was, how many months i stayed here before creating that blog (9 months - so I moved here from Davao around March 2004), my days as a Cebuano coz I've lived in Cebu for so many years, and my days as a Dabawenyo since I was raised in Davao, and so many blah blahs.

So just a quick recap of what happened in the last 8 years, from being an agent in one of the contact centers in Makati, I wasnt able to handle the stress here in Metro Manila so after a year I did request to be moved to Cebu. I personally love Cebu coz it's where Davao and Metro Manila meet. Again, I continued staying in Cebu from October 2005 to January 2008. Decided to move back here in Metro Manila (since my family already decided to settle here). I was able to run my real estate business as well and served as an Account Manager and Property Specialist for two of the leading developers in the country. Global financial crisis struck and I decided to have a steady source of my finances. So went back to the bpo industry, became a Team Supervisor and member of the pioneering team of one of the contact centers in Eastwood City. In 2010, I moved to an inhouse contact center and back office which is now branded as a megabank in the US and one of the biggest financial firms globally (thus better compensation package). Because of the stress I've experienced as part of the leadership team before (dont get me wrong...masaya naman maging supervisor eh, but having that position entails discipline and being responsible not only to oneself but to the entire team; responsibility na ayaw ko munang hawakan ulit for now), I decided to go back to the entry level position - less stress, less worries. So that's 8 years in a nutshell.

Anyway, good thing blogspot has this functionality that would allow you to reclaim an old blog from an older account and link it to a new account (as long as you have the details needed for identity verification). Now, after 8 years...same tjbrewed but with better and different perspective is back!


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